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Air Conditioner Problems: Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Last updated 4 years ago

By Greg, Pacific Aire Comfort Advisor, 

It’s nearing the end of the cooling season, but a complex air conditioner is still subject to setbacks until you give it a break over the winter. If you’re having air conditioner problems, try these troubleshooting tips before you call in a professional to take a look.

The A/C won’t start

  • Check that the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the desired temperature is set: the thermostat should read lower than the indoor temperature setting.
  • Make sure the unit is getting power. Check the circuit breaker for blown fuses and reset any that need it.
  • If the unit is getting power but still won’t turn on, you need a knowledgeable technician to fix the cause of the air conditioner problems.

The air comes out warm

  • Make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” rather than “fan only.”
  • Examine the outdoor unit for foliage or other obstructions that are blocking airflow.
  • Spray down the unit to loosen dirt and debris that may be blocking airflow from the inside.
  • The refrigerant may need to be recharged, which is a task only a qualified professional can complete.

The A/C runs constantly

  • Check the thermostat. You can often set the blower to stay on continually for improved circulation even when the compressor is off. If you don’t want this, change the setting at the thermostat.
  • Turn up the temperature. If the air conditioner is cooling off the space adequately, you may simply need to raise the temperature a degree or two for it to turn off.
  • The air conditioner may be undersized. A replacement is the only way to fix this problem.

Water is pooling by the A/C

  • Check the condensate drain. If it’s overflowing, there could be something blocking the drain line that requires a technician to it clear out.
  • Check the condition of the condensate pump. Look for leaks and make sure the pump is plugged in and receiving power.

These air conditioner problems are nothing to get worked up over. If the troubleshooting tips aren’t enough to remedy the problem, feel free to contact us at Pacific Aire Heating & Cooling today. We serve homeowners in the areas surrounding the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys.

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