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Use Your Ceiling Fans To Boost Your Cooling Power

Last updated 4 years ago

By Greg, Pacific Aire Comfort Advisor, 

To stay cool no matter how hot the weather gets, and to optimize comfort as the cooling season winds down, run a ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioner to boost your cooling power. In fact, as the season progresses, you may even be able to replace the A/C altogether with breezy ceiling fans.

Air circulation generated by spinning fan blades creates a wind-chill affect that can make you feel noticeably cooler. You may feel so cool, in fact, that you can turn up the temperature in the home, or even turn the A/C off completely. That means, even when it’s hot outside, you can set the thermostat to a moderate 78 degrees while still feeling comfortable, thanks to the breeze created by the ceiling fan. On milder days, it’s reasonable to shut off the A/C and use a lot less power by running ceiling fans instead.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ceiling fan:

  • Purchase Energy Star-qualified units to ensure the lowest energy consumption possible.
  • Install ceiling fans in rooms where you spend the most time during the summer.
  • Properly install the fan according to Energy Star recommendations: Ensure the ceiling is at least 8 feet high to avoid injury. Fan blades work best when they are 7 to 9 feet from the floor and about a foot from the ceiling. The blades should also be at least 18 inches from the walls.
  • Energy Star also offers recommendations for sizing ceiling fans: Use a 36- to 42-inch fan in rooms up to 144 square feet, a 44-inch fan in rooms up to 225 square feet, and 50- to 54-inch fans in rooms up to 400 square feet. Multiple fans may work best in very large rooms.
  • Only operate the ceiling fan when the room is occupied. Since a fan cools people rather than lowering the actual temperature in the room, you’ll save energy if you shut it off when the room is vacant.

For more information about purchasing and operating ceiling fans to boost cooling power, please contact Pacific Aire Heating & Cooling today. We have experience serving customers in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties dating back to 1990.

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