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Smart Homeowners Don't Ignore Attic Insulation Issues

Last updated 4 years ago

By Greg, Pacific Aire Comfort Advisor,

An attic that’s poorly insulated can become a "hot house," affecting the temperature of your home and increasing energy consumption. Assessing attic insulation, and upgrading it if necessary, is not something you want to put off.

Insulation for the summer months
With inadequate insulation an attic may become exceedingly hot during the summer. Attic heat absorbs into the attic floor and house ceiling, and radiates downward into the rooms below. This contributes to an already-warm environment and forces your cooling system to work harder. It also puts added wear on your air conditioning system and may decrease its efficiency and longevity.

Proper attic insulation, however, reduces heat buildup to your house, and along with proper ventilation, allows heated air to be moved out of the attic and reduces moisture. 

Attic insulation in winter
An attic without enough insulation also poses a problem when heating your house during the winter months. As hot air rises, much of your heat is lost to the attic, and that heated air  then cools and circulates downward, back into the living areas.

Guidelines for insulating
Here are some insulation issues not to be ignored when upgrading attic insulation:

  • Part of attic insulation should include attending to the ducts, as they can lose heat through conduction when located in areas of the home that don't receive conditioned air, like the attic.
  • The space around the attic hatch or knee-walls will allow heat transfer to occur if they are not well insulated. Consider covering the hatch with foam-board insulation for added protection.
  • Rodents tend to find that the cozy, quiet environment of attic insulation makes a nice home for raising a family. If you hear the patter of mice upstairs, check your insulation. Eliminate the mice and repair the insulation so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

For more expert advice about attic insulation, and other issues related to home comfort, feel free to contact us at Pacific Aire Heating & Cooling.  We proudly provide service to the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valley areas.

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