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Sealing Ducts Greatly Advances Home Comfort

Last updated 4 years ago

By Diane, Pacific Aire Comfort Advisor, 

Ducts have a big role in your home comfort -- your air conditioner and furnace would be nothing without them. Sealing ducts is an extremely cost-effective way to improve the performance and efficiency of the system. In fact, one of the most common problems with a duct system is leaks. Plenty of homeowners living in the areas surrounding the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Conejo Valleys have these leaks, and don't even know it. 

While distributing conditioned air from your heating and cooling system through your home, the average duct system loses 20 percent of that air moving through it. This conditioned air is wasted because of leaks that have developed over time in the ductwork.

Causes may include shifting of the home over time, poor initial installation, corrosion from water leaks and more. When you notice problems like these in your home, sealing ducts may be the solution:

  • High utility bills
  • Rooms that are never cool (or warm) enough for comfort 
  • Always-stuffy rooms
  • Potential air quality and safety problems like backdrafting (where exhaust gases from a stove, water heater or other combustion appliance get sucked into the room instead of venting outside) 

Leaks in exposed ducts in attics and crawl spaces can be sealed with duct mastic, a specialized sealant. Insulating ducts running through those “unconditioned” (non-living) areas of the house can save lots of energy as well. Some ducts are hidden between floors and in walls and require the professional attention of your local HVAC expert.

Your contractor should inspect your system for leaks or blockages, making sure connections between vents, grilles and registers with floors, walls and ceilings are properly sealed. Your contractor will balance both supply and return airflow and seal the system. And as a result of sealing ducts, you'll notice a dramatic improvement in the performance of the entire home-comfort system.

If you have concerns about home comfort issues or about sealing ducts, contact the experts at Pacific Aire Heating & Cooling, proudly serving homeowners throughout the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Conejo valleys along with northern Santa Barbara and Ventura counties since 1990. Visit our website for information or just give us a call.  


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