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Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Checklist: Get Familiar With Tasks Your Technician Will Do

Last updated 4 years ago

By Greg, Pacific Aire Comfort Advisor, 

Ductless mini-split heat pumps work their home heating and cooling magic where ductwork is impractical. These compact units use electricity to move refrigerant through a closed system of copper pipes/lines. Refrigerant absorbs and transfers heat energy from inside your home to outside during our long Southern California summers and reverses to bring heat from the outside to the indoors in winter.

The process of moving heat rather than generating it is what makes the heat pump so efficient. In order to maintain energy-efficient performance plus heating and cooling effectiveness, a little heat pump upkeep is necessary.

Here are a few maintenance tasks that you, as the homeowner, can do:

  • Replace/clean filters every two months or twice yearly, depending on usage and amount of dust in the environment, to protect the equipment from damage and to help improve indoor air quality.
  • Clean outdoor coils when dirt is seen on the outer surface of the coil.
  • Clear lawn clippings and debris away from the perimeter of the outdoor unit.
  • Examine and clean the condensate drain pan and evaporator coil every two years.
  • Clean blower fan blades.
  • Straighten out fins and clean supply and return grilles and registers (vents).

Your HVAC expert should handle in-depth ductless mini-split maintenance annually, which includes:

  • Cleaning and inspecting ductwork, filters, blower and indoor coil
  • Diagnosing and sealing duct leakage
  • Ensuring adequate airflow
  • Verifying correct refrigerant charge/pressure
  • Looking for any refrigerant leaks
  • Examining electric terminals and connections 
  • Oiling and inspecting motors
  • Inspecting belts, looking for proper tightness or excess wear
  • Checking electric controls, ensuring that heating is locked when cooling is required and vice versa
  • Examining the thermostat, calibrating if needed

If you're very familiar with the equipment and decide to do some preventive maintenance tasks on your own, be certain power has been shut off at the breaker beforehand. Call your HVAC contractor for guidance on any of the steps or just let the technician handle everything during the annual tune-up. 

Need to schedule ductless mini-split maintenance? Contact the professionals at Pacific Aire Heating & Cooling. Our 20-point air conditioner tune-up is available for only $77! 


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